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Heart of Jesus Ministries

Heart of Jesus Ministries is exactly the type of Ministry needed for today’s world.  It began when the Holy Spirit pierced Ellen’s heart to bare ALL the ugliness He delivered her from in order to show that NOTHING is impossible with Jesus.  To prove that the mentality of “I Can’t Change” is true but there is One who can make that change.  Ellen has a passion to tell the stories of faith and fear from her own struggles as she follows God.  She is a woman who shares from her heart.  She loves to integrate humor and laughter into her testimonies.  She does not claim to have the 12 step answer to living a happy, fulfilled life, but her life is a living example of the One who has brought her peace and joy, her savior Jesus Christ.

While the music industry is no stranger to Ellen, as a Country Artist, she came to realize that singing for Jesus enriched her spirit and was like nothing she had ever experienced.  Her voice will usher the presence of the Holy Spirit into the presence of all listening, as Ellen has no inhibitions what-so-ever in Praising her Lord, her Savior. 

If you desire to bring together a group to laugh, share, and come away with a new perspective on the issues in our world today, Ellen Harlow is the speaker/vocalist you need.  Her joy and enthusiasm will be contagious, while her genuineness and honesty will allow each person to affirm or grow in their love in Christ.

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