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“I read your book! What a good collection of memoirs that reflect God’s constant involvement in leading and guiding! Thank you for your faithfulness in following through with what you knew you needed to do in recording it all to pass on. I am praying it will get into the hands of those who need just the message you proclaim.
Good Work!”

Linda S.

“Your book has been such an inspiration to me. In fact, I’m reading it again to make sure I didn’t miss anything the first time. I can relate in so many ways and I truly thank you for your honestly and how you allowed the Holy Spirit to work in and through you during your journey. I love and respect you and thank God for our friendship.”

Angie H.

“Amen!  Love you, sister.  Love your humility and beautiful writing, your transparency, and bold evangelism which always comes across in truth, love, and humor.  That’s beautiful!  I hope you keep writing and sharing stories.”

Debbie T.