I totaled my car on 06-Feb-2020. I was taken to the Hospital and ended up in room #33. I couldn’t help but think about Jesus dying for my sins and saving me when He was 33 years old, now here I lay in room 33 and He has saved me again. After leaving the hospital, I contacted my insurance company the next day and was given my Claim # which began with 33-#. I called the lady for my payoff information of my totaled ABARTH by Fiat and had to leave her a message on her extension #333.

After recuperating for a little over ten days I started my search for another vehicle. I had bought my last two vehicles from Hendricks at the Cary Auto Mall, so I decided to look there. I met this nice young man named Vincent Scott who was truly a delight! We talked for a while and I began to talk to him about the Lord. He was so receptive. He shared his story with me, and we instantly realized we had a lot in common. He had a real bad accident some time ago and it was touch and go for a while, he truly believed God was with him as everywhere he went after being released from the Hospital, he saw Hearts. He had an abundance of pictures of Hearts on his phone and his pictures were amazing as he really had eyes to see that God was with him all the time!!! I gave him one of my cards “Heart of Jesus Ministries” and he asked if he could keep it. Of course, I said absolutely!

He was helping me search for the vehicle I thought I wanted. We had talked for a while and he told me he thought he understood exactly what I was looking for and sure enough he did, even though I had NEVER EVER wanted this kind of car!!!! But when I saw it, I really Liked it for some reason. I told him I would like to test drive it and so he darted out the door to bring the car over for me to test drive. When he returned, I started taking pictures of the car. I thought it was a pretty cool looking vehicle.

Before we started our test drive, he said, I have something to share with you that just came to my mind. I was eager to hear what he wanted to tell me. He said you aren’t going to believe this????? By now I was really intrigued. He proceeded to take his driver's license out of his wallet (which he allowed me to take a picture of) and showed it to me. I didn’t get it at first when he said I had a birthday a few days ago. His birthday was 02/13/87. He had just turned 33 years old!!!!!! I had HOLY SPIRIT BUMPS COME ALL OVER ME!!!!

Needless to say, I bought this car! It drives & rides GREAT!!! If anyone is looking for a new or used car, go see Vincent at Hendricks Auto Mall in Cary, you will never regret it.

I purchased a 2018 Kia Soul with only 9,000 Miles on it. One owner with No accidents. Fully loaded. Thank you Jesus!