One would think that in these terminal days with everything turbulent that Christians would become more and more excited and more and more aggressive in their witness for Christ. But there are two groups, basically, in the last day’s the cold and the hot.  The Word of God says, “The love of most will grow cold.” (Matthew 24:12) You know, cooling is gradual, you don’t even notice it. And it might be that you’ve been drifting toward coldness and you haven’t even realized it. Because the way the world has become so corrupt, you still look good, but really you’ve cooled off tremendously in your walk with the Lord. You gradually start to spend less time with Him. You watch what you wouldn’t have watched before, and you listen to what you wouldn’t have listened to. You go where you wouldn’t have considered going only a short time ago. Sin slowly becomes more attractive; the things of God less attractive. You’re not exploding; you’re just eroding.

So, you’re either going to become colder or bolder; no third group. Pick your group. You’re becoming one or the other right now. Most, will become colder. You know why? Because colder doesn’t require any choice; you just drift to coolness. Bolder? Now, that demands a choice, “I will take a stand. I will not compromise. I will be unembarrassed about my association with Jesus Christ.” If you haven’t chosen bolder, you’re probably getting colder.

You know, I’m thinking there’s not a lot of time left on God’s clock. This is a time for passion, for action! The cold winds of earth’s last days may be blowing right now. It’s time to write your own personal forecast, “Very hot for Jesus until He comes!